by Shelley Lowell

Shelley Lowell painting a portrait 
of a cat with her painting of dogs 
in the background.

People and Pet Portraits

A portrait by Shelley Lowell is a cherished work of fine art whether it is of a person or animal or both 

Shelley creates her pet and people paintings in oil paint with a wax medium using archival cotton canvas, which has been gallery-wrapped around the sides of thick stretchers. Linen canvas can be used upon request. Some clients specify another medium, for example oil pastel on paper or a pencil drawing. Shelley paints the sides of the painting as well. Each painting comes ready for hanging with a wire on the back. These paintings do not require frames. Paintings can also be done on regular thin stretchers so they can be framed in the traditional manner. The choice is yours. Just let Shelley know what you want.  

She does candid and formal poses

Shelley paints people doing what they love such as a golfer playing at his/her favorite course, an equestrian rider, a race car driver or a tennis player as well as formal, traditional paintings that you see in office or organization lobbies. And when she paints animals, she captures what they are doing, such as sleeping on their favorite chair, playing with their favorite toy, or chewing your favorite shoe. Her paintings are uniquely custom as they portray the person or pet’s personal interests. Shelley uses her love of painting to create it. Whatever you or your pets do, she will capture it on canvas.  

About the artist  
Shelley Lowell is a highly accomplished people and animal portrait artist. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Shelley uses her natural gift of artistic expression and her art training to create outstanding, representational oil paintings. A fine artist with more than 30 years’ experience, her art has been displayed in gallery and museum exhibitions, including The Bronx Museum of the Arts and The High Museum of Art in Atlanta. To view other examples of Shelley’s artwork, visit The various awards her art has received are a further testament to the level of her artistic achievement. Among these is the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators Award of Merit.   

Shelley began painting portraits in 1985
She started painting portraits of people professionally in 1985. In 1999 one of her cats had a major health situation that led her to painting animals. You can read about this on the page, "How It Began." Shelley has four cats and a dog. They provide her with endless inspiration. Her art training in composition, color and anatomy, combined with her innate, creative artistic ability, allow her to paint people and animals that appear alive on canvas.    

Cherished gifts  
Her paintings and drawings of pets and people become family heirlooms. Many clients commission her to paint a portrait for a friend, employer or relative as a gift. Her paintings capture such a likeness and feeling of the person and/or animal that they bring tears of joy to the individual receiving the painting when they see it for the first time. Gift certificates are also available. 

How to order  
To commission a portrait painting or drawing by Shelley Lowell, or for more information, contact her by phone or email. Since these paintings are custom, estimate approximately four to six weeks from the time she receives the chosen photo(s). For paintings of people doing their favorite things, she will come to your location to shoot the photos (within an hour’s drive of her home/studio). If you live further, she will give you directions on how to shoot the photos and you can email or send them to her by snail mail. Shelley loves to meet your pets if it is possible. She will come to your chosen location and take photos, or you can email her your photos if you have them. She creates the painting from the selected photo.   


Commission a portrait by an award-winning artist

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